About Us

Shenzhen Digitech Co., Ltd, which was established in 2013, has been committed to continuous innovation to improve the cycling experience, providing smart HMI & full solutions for electric bicycles and two-wheeled vehicles.

The company has R&D department, design department, marketing department, and manufacturing department. The R&D team has rich experience in communication, control, and internet development. At present, it has passed the ISO9001 quality system. The company guarantees product progress and quality through the IPD process, and continuously provides customers with high-quality products and services.

We have always adhered to the concept of innovation, cooperation, and win-win, and attached importance to cooperation and sharing with customers, market partners and suppliers; focusing on the field of travel, through intelligent electronic control solutions, we continue to provide “consumers” with high-value product experience; The “EBike brand side” enhances the brand and reduces operating costs.


  • HMI

    Support cycling APP

    Unlock-without-touch, call reminder, cycling navigation

    Linkage of cycling recorder, headset and smart helmet

  • IoT components

    4G +GPS


  • APP

    Ebike status, cycling data, cycling navigation

    Cycling ranking, cycling group, community sharing

    Equipment linkage, car locating, after-sales service

  • Server

    Collect user opinions to improve after-sales efficiency

    Quality problems are digitized to increase the repurchase rate of users

Core advantages

  • Product advantages

    Intelligent central control HMI

    Intelligent cycling product solutions

    Cycling APP& Server

  • Technical advantages

    MCU, ARM mature solutions

    Bluetooth, 4G, NB-iot mature solutions

    APP&Server mature solutions

  • Delivery advantages

    Rapid development of customized products

    Product-based mass delivery quality control

Development history


Enter the field of short-distance travel

Ebike integrated HMI development


Entering the Shared Mobility Field

Customizing high-reliability HMIs for Lime company,

Customizing differentiated HMIs with IOT functions for Audi


4G IOT intelligent IoT HMI

Huawei HarmonyOS smart connection HMI


Industry solution customization Launched the industry's first Ebike TFT HMI, applying the surface full lamination process The HMI can support HUD navigation


The HMI product line covers the whole series of digital tube, LCD, IPS and the scene. Improve IOT solution (4G/NB IOT)

APP&Server go online